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In April 2001, Mr. Dan Holdridge was one of the youngest Program Directors at General Dynamics Corporation in Needham, Massachusetts. Dan oversaw computer engineering operations for General Dynamics and was sent to the United States Pentagon to support the construction of the newly renovated section of the Pentagon.

On September 11th, 2001, Dans life almost ended when he was injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Recovered physically, Dan dedicates his time speaking to people across the country about his experience that day, what helped him heal and how he became an even stronger person than ever before.

Today, Dan serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Eagle Industries Incorporated (www.EagleElectric.com) where he oversees the entire operation of the electrical engineering and manufacturing corporation. This includes finance, human resources, project management, business development, customer communications, and continuing quality improvement programs.

Dan graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1995, and earned the Masters Degree of Executive Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of New Haven. Dan served as a Trustee of the National 4-H Leadership Trust from April 2002 to 2004 and currently serves as Board Member and Vice Chairman of the New London County 4-H Foundation.

Dan believes the way to end terrorism in our world is to understand differences between cultures and to respect them, eliminate feelings of entitlement, and honor the heroes that serve.

His book, Surviving September 11th, was released on September 11, 2010. Publishing of that book was been delayed slightly, as Michael Hauge, screenwriter for the Oscar winning movie "A Beautiful Mind" (starring Russell Crowe), was been engaged to develop the book with Dan for a power message to all readers.

Dan is a Member of the National Speakers Association

Dan Holdridge's Manifesto
Dan Holdridge
What am I about? What is Weapons of Mass Appreciation about?

  1. I believe that in order for people to succeed, we must let go of negativity and be positive in every aspect of our lives.
  2. I am about living for each moment
  3. Worrying takes from our passion for life
  4. Hatred steals positive energy from us
  5. Living without appreciation leads us to a life of entitlement
  6. Hard work does pay off
  7. People with long titles under their name usually need the titles to validate themselves, instead of validating their work just by doing it
  8. We all search for validation in life; we search for significance meaning
  9. I believe in inspiring others through my work and my words
  10. I believe in the potential of people and bringing it out of them


"Please accept our most sincere thanks for your participation in our September 11th tribute at Old Saybrook Senior High School.
The faculty and students were touched by your experience and moved by your presentation. Many of the students were in elementary and middle school at the time and didn't truly understand the impact of this horrific tragedy.
Your efforts will continue to strengthen their understanding and continue to remind us of how fragile life is. If I could be of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me."

~ Scott Schoonmaker
Principal, Old Saybrook High School, Old Saybrook, CT


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Quick Facts
About Dan Holdridge
Professional Speaker, title speech on the Purpose Conduit
President/Chief Executive Officer Eagle Industries Inc.
Program Manager - General Dynamics, October 1999 to January 2002
Managed Network Engineering Laboratory, for Department of Defense electronics installations.
Developed a customer service support team for the Department of Defense customer base
Responsible for all aspects of operations for youth camp serving more than 700 children, 1994-1995
Trustee, National 4-H Leadership Trust, from April 2002 to 2004
Board Member and Vice Chairman of the New London County 4-H Foundation
Son, brother of two, uncle of three, father of Abby and Big Papi (two black labs) and friend of many



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