Surviving September 11th by Dan Holdridge

Dan Holdridge's Manifesto

What am I about?

  1. I believe that in order for people to succeed, we must let go of negativity and be positive in every aspect of our lives.
  2. I am about living for each moment
  3. Worrying takes from our passion for life
  4. Hatred steals positive energy from us
  5. Living without appreciation leads us to a life of entitlement
  6. Hard work does pay off
  7. People with long titles under their name usually need the titles to validate themselves, instead of validating their work just by doing it
  8. We all search for validation in life; we search for significance meaning
  9. I believe in inspiring others through my work and my words
  10. I believe in the potential of people and bringing it out of them
  11. We are defined usually by what others think of us, say about us, and focus on us
  12. I believe family values are the most underappreciated staple of society
  13. Ive learned that hatred is learned, and is a decision that can be reversed
  14. I believe that is takes almost losing something or someone to truly appreciate it/them
  15. I think time is the only thing that we cant buy, no matter how wealthy one may be
  16. Life is made better by loving more, hating less, giving more, taking less, thanking more, disregard less, forgiving more, holding to anger less
  17. Age doesn't determine the maturity of a person, rather the mind of reason and compassion
  18. Volunteering pays more than any paycheck
  19. I believe it takes us to step out of our normal routine/lives, to affect meaningful change
  20. To understand someone, we need to remove ourselves of all prejudices
  21. Treating someone well, with respect, will gain more financially for a business than any other honest strategy
  22. Profit is about abundance over necessity it doesn't have to be determined in dollars, but rather in the difference we made in the lives of others
  23. Its not the amount of years in our life, but the amount of life within our years. Abraham Lincoln
  24. Tell someone how you feel today dont wait until tomorrow, as we dont know what tomorrow will bring
  25. Family pets are one of lifes greatest gifts always glad to see you, never a bad word said about anyone, sorry for when they do wrong, and always wanting to please others. Is that a hint about how we should live our lives??
  26. Everyone should have something and someone to believe in, every day
  27. Freedom is something people take for granted, until the lose it
  28. Freedom is like religion its something we believe in; we cant see it directly in front of us, but we feel it when it is there, and when we embrace it, we learn to appreciate it after we almost lose it. Its all about having faith and willingness to defend it
  29. It is important to be authentic and genuine in all you do
  30. I love history, and learning from it
  31. Struggling through nearly losing my life has taught me more about living, than dying
  32. My relationship with God has been the strongest foundation in my life
  33. Letting go and trusting Gods will is one of the greatest gifts Ive learned
  34. Hope has value when we need it most
  35. You find you have great strength you never knew you had, when challenged greatest in life
  36. Anyway I can, I need to tell people to live everyday as its their very best day
  37. I have a responsibility to live my life to honor 184 people who didnt live next to me on 9/11/01
  38. I miss Americas passion of patriotism from right after 9/11
  39. Generosity is learned and when given the opportunity, people feel at their best when giving
  40. Being true to yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself
  41. I love baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox
  42. The Red Sox run in 2004, being down 3 games to none to the NY Yankees, taught a lot about life. There was never a team in history that came back from that far down in a seven game series and won it all. Consider it being even more impossible against the NY Yankees, which won so many World Series Championships. The chants were to Believe and Keep the Faith which sounded very familiar to religious connotations
  43. I believe in underdogs who try their best
  44. We all have 9/11's in our lives to different degrees. The truth test of character is whether one defines themself by the event, or does one define themself because of how they responded to the event. That's the stuff that legacies are built upon.


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"You don't have to
survive a terrorist
attack to learn
from one."

~ Dan Holdridge



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